Most of the Feng Shui Assessments performed includes the use of the the powerful Feng Shui method known as Flying Stars Feng Shui which analyses how energy in a space can affect you as it changes over weekly, monthly, yearly and twenty year periods of time. Eight Mansions Feng Shui, is also used to determine how the general energetic vibrations of various locations and directions may affect you as determined from your personal KUA number. A combination of the Flying Stars, and Ba Zhai (Eight Mansions) Feng Shui, are used to provide the most beneficial effects possible.

A Toft Feng Shui Consultation will also provide you with information on how to apply the beneficial San He Combination Formulas such as the "San He Precious Jewel Road and Facing Formula", "He Tu Growth and Success Combination" the "Lou Shu Combination" and other similar formulas to create very beneficial effects. Killing forces such as the "Peach Blossom Killing", "Frightened Goat Killing", "Triple Punishment" and others that cause serious problems will be identified and directions provided on how these forces may be countered or removed.

NB: Toft Feng Shui requires the use of essential cures and activators such as windchimes, water fountains, images etc.

Pre-Building Assessment

The absolute best time for a Feng Shui assessment is BEFORE a property is built. If you are considering building a new property it would definitely be best to implement Feng Shui right from the beginning stages. The assessment provided will consider the very important factors of the surrounding environment, the planned shape and orientation of the property and the positioning of the main doors and rooms.

Pre-Purchase Property Assessment

The Feng Shui Flying Stars System is used to determine the quality of Qi (energies) in various areas of the property over various periods of time. By knowing in advance the Feng Shui of a property before you move in you will know if that property will or will not enhance success, health, relationships and personal development. Some properties have good Feng Shui and other properties have Feng Shui that could be difficult to correct or which could cause hardships for the occupants. It would be good to know the Feng Shui of a property before making a purchasing decision.

Existing Property

This type of consultation uses general space, personal space and the powerful Feng Shui Flying Stars System to analyse the annual and twenty-year cycle energy patterns to determine what will be required to remedy the effects of the dense energy flow areas and enhance and activate the lighter more vibrant energy flow areas of your property.

The Eight Mansions Feng Shui System is also used to match your personal energy number with your personal four most favourable directions. Instructions are provided on how to activate your four most favourable directions with your specific goals and intentions to enhance success, relationships, health and personal development.


A Feng Shui consultation also includes at no extra cost unlimited follow-up support after the consultation by email, phone or in person.

Main information required to perform a consultation:

* Date of birth of all occupants
* Buildings year of completion and date of occupancy
* A copy of a floor plan with furniture arrangements pencilled in
* A copy of a floor plan with nothing pencilled in
* Details of the colours used in each room
* Details of all pictures, paintings, images, etc. displayed in the property.
* The compass directions of the main entrance door and the facing direction of the property.

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