Toft Feng Shui helps raise the vibration of the planet
by using Feng Shui combined with Dowsing to raise the
vibration of homes, offices, buildings, landscapes and more!

Toft Feng Shui Consultations include Time Feng Shui
analysis of the flying stars. Space Feng Shui analysis.
Space Clearing. Activation of your Goals and Intentions
and the elimination of spurious negative energies.

The application of direction, location, time, objects, images,
glyphs, colours, shapes, symbols, music, landscaping and landforms
are also used to create excellent feng shui.

NB: Toft Feng Shui requires the use of essential cures
and activators such as windchimes, water fountains, crystals, images etc.

A Toft Feng Shui Consultation can be used to:

* Improve well being.

* Acheive goals more quickly.

* Design a new property that will have Feng Shui that will benefit the occupants.

* Find an exisiting property for sale or rent that has Feng Shui that will benefit the occupants.

* Attract a buyer for a property that is for sale.

* Attract tenants to a property that is for rent.

A Toft Feng Shui Consultation will ensure you receive:

* A Professional Feng Shui Audit based on Scientific Research

* Personal Attention to Detail.

* Professional Feng Shui Results.

Toft Feng Shui currently provides Feng Shui services to one of the biggest residential sites in Canberra

Feng Shui for HSBC Bank Canberra

HSBC Bank opened a new branch in Canberra in September 2010
and as a part of its standard operating procedure when opening a new
branch, requested a Feng Shui Consultation. This is also now becoming
a common procedure for many other banks and businesses.

A water fountain to the north of HSBC is very auspicous for the bank.

Because of the direction the bank faces the traffic flow past the bank creates
a virtual water dragon that also creates very good Feng Shui for the bank.

Feng Shui of shops in the Canberra Centre

Toft Feng Shui has provided Feng Shui services
for various shops in the Canberra Centre.

Water Dragon

Perfect Water Dragon in front of the Canberra Museum and Gallery.

Toft Feng Shui Services include:

Feng Shui analysis of houses, buildings, businesses, offices, gardens and landforms to create
positive environments, positive people and positive outcomes.

Construction Advice to know when and where to avoid digging and renovating to prevent serious problems developing.

Dowsing of maps, matrices, diagrams, timelines, decision tables, workplaces, living areas and energies to improve
health, locate objects, know the timing of an event, know the best areas to live and work and verify decisions!

Qigong To enhance well-being and personal energy.

Day Selection to select the best days to receive maximum benefit from performing an activity.

Space Clearing to clear away unwanted lingering negative emotional, mental and spirit entities.

About Feng Shui

Today, there are about seven Feng Shui Grand Masters. They believe that over the next couple of decades the use of Feng Shui will escalate to the point where everyone will be talking about or using Feng Shui in one way or another. The popularity of Feng Shui is going to skyrocket even more. This is happening now. Eventually we will all know someone who is applying Feng Shui as well as implementing it ourselves at home, at work, in business and everywhere we go. Feng Shui is now getting the credit and good reputation it thoroughly deserves, because more and more people are using Feng Shui and are noticing that Feng Shui just works whether they believe in it or not.

Feng Shui can be defined as the cause and effect of the energy flows in the environment on us and the activating of the high quality energy flows and curing of the low quality energy flows in and around our environment to assist us in living a life that is balanced and harmonious. These high quality and low quality energy flows can be activated or cured by arranging objects, images, colours and elements in the environment to balance Yin and Yang that in turn helps to promote a flow of Qi that can enhance personal well-being and bring us all the good things in life.

Feng Shui translates literally to "wind and water" and is usually pronounced as "Fung Shway". Chi or Qi is pronounced "Chee" and is literally translated as "life-force energy". The practise of Feng Shui goes back many thousands of years with its origins in China.

Feng Shui is all Elemental

The five elements always used in Feng Shui are Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire and Water. The right use of these elements is the key to implementing proper Feng Shui. Each of these elements can affect the other in various ways depending on their cycle. There are three types of cycles know as the "Enhancing Cycle", the "Controlling Cycle" and the "Weakening Cycle".

The Enhancing Cycle

In the "Enhancing Cycle" water produces wood - trees need water to grow, wood produces fire - add wood to stop the fire going out, fire produces earth - ashes from fire are returned to the earth, earth produces metal - metal is mined from the earth, metal produces water - water condenses on cold metal.

The Controlling Cycle

In the "Controlling Cycle" fire controls metal - metal melts and changes form at high temperatures, metal controls wood - metal axes cut wood, wood controls earth - trees absorb nutrients from the earth, earth controls water - earth dams water, water controls fire - water extinguishes fire.

The Weakening Cycle

In the "Weakening Cycle" water weakens metal - water causes metal to rust, metal weakens earth - earth turns into metal, earth weakens fire - earth can put out a fire by smothering it, fire weakens wood - fire burns wood, wood weakens water - wood absorbs water.

Activations and Counters

It is necessary to know the cycles of the five elements to understand how to balance and enhance Qi in the environment. In Toft Feng Shui activators and counters used in the environment include the use of the water element by using water features such as still and moving water and the colours blue and black. The use of the metal element by using six hollow metal rod wind chimes and the colours gold and silver. The use of the wood element by using items made of wood and the colours green and brown. The use of the earth element by using gemstones and earth tone colours and the use of the fire element by using candles, lights and the colours red and yellow. Various types of images are also used to represent the five elements and to activate or counter certain types of Qi.

For sources of activations and counters, click here

The ancient Chinese Feng Shui practitioners believed that people's experiences in life are based on three components of luck called Heaven Luck - (Tian Chia), Human Luck - (Ren Chia) and Earth Luck - (Ti Chia). This is known as the cosmic trinity. Each component of luck makes up one third of your luck.

Heaven Luck

Is the luck you were born with. It is the type of luck you are destined to experience. If you are destined to experience bad luck at some point of your life, Feng Shui may not prevent you from experiencing that bad luck but it may be able to reduce the effects of any bad luck you are destined to experience.

Human Luck

Is good luck that you can experience by having a positive attitude, being helpful and considerate to others, doing courses for personal development and being passionate about any work you do that is for the good of all concerned.

Earth Luck

Is the luck experienced as determined by the flow of Qi in your surrounding environment. The configuration of your environment will determine whether or not the Qi of your environment will bring you luck. You can change the configuration of your environment through Feng Shui to bring good fortune into your life.

Five Ghosts Carry Treasure

In Feng Shui the "Five Ghosts Carry Treasure" is surrounded in mystery. At one time it was a highly guarded secret, however even now the knowledge of the "Five Ghosts Carry Treasure" Feng Shui techniques are not widely available. It is said when this technique is applied properly it is like having five helpful ghosts working for you, gathering prosperity and abundance and bringing it to you. Applying the "Five Ghosts Carry Treasure" technique can attract good fortune for many years. The "Five Ghosts" formulas are a very important part of feng shui; these formulas should be treated with great respect and used to help those in need.

The Castle Gates

The Castle Gates Water Formula is generally considered to also be one the most powerful formulas for enhancing wealth. The Castle Gates are created when a property has higher structures each side of its facing direction leaving a gap in the middle and when the property also has the most auspicious facing direction for the current time period. Water properly applied between The Castle Gates will ensure the greatest prosperity possible.

Peach Blossom Feng Shui

In Feng Shui "Peach Blossom" refers to romance, wine, music, dancing, parties, poetry, creativity and the good life. When applied properly the opposite sex will tend to start becoming interested in you. Some of these people may be compatible with you and some may not be. You will need to use discretion on who you choose to associate with when new people come into your life and start taking an interest in you. A single person looking for that special someone can improve their chances of attracting the right person by using Peach Blossom Feng Shui.


Thank you for clearing the negative energies from my house. It was amazing how you were able to detect the hidden cracks in the garden wall caused by the geopathic stress. I feel healthier now and things around the house are not breaking down all the time like they used to!

Mrs T, ACT, Australia


Thank you for your Feng Shui advice and the Qigong session, I went to a place I didn't want to come back from and feel so much better now. Can't wait for some more sessions. Also thank you for finding my lost car keys by sensing the energy of my lounge room. I couldn't believe that you knew they were under the couch where I had looked a dozen times before.

Pat, ACT, Australia

Day Selection

Day Selection is primarily concerned with ensuring any endeavours that you wish to pursue get off to a good start and continue smoothly through to completion. Day Selection can provide a powerful boost to a situation. There are three types of day selection.

Generic Day Selection

Used to select days that are good or bad for certain activities without taking the individual's birth information into consideration.

Personal Day Selection

Uses the individual's birth information to select activities that are good or bad for certain days.

Feng Shui Day Selection

Is used for choosing a suitable date for activities such as moving into a property, starting construction. Also used for choosing a date for setting a front door or placing items such as Feng Shui activators and counters.