Toft Feng Shui essential activators for abundance include Six Hollow Metal Rod Wind Chimes, Bubbling Water Fountains, Wealth Frogs, Wealth Vases and Wealth Ships. For enhancing relationships the famous Feng Shui relationship activators such as Mandarin Ducks and the very powerful Chinese Double Happiness Symbol are very highly recommended.

During 2019 place a Water Fountain
in the West area of your property to activate the Annual White 1 Prosperity Star in this Location.

Water fountains help to create a constant flow of Qi. They can cause good things to flow to you. The two types of water fountains to consider are directional fountains where the water flows in a certain direction and a bubbling fountain where the water flows in all directions. Use directional fountains outdoors in yards and garden. Use a bubbling fountain inside to help the Qi stay. Do not use a bubbling fountain outside as it will cause wealth to flow away and do not place a bubbling fountain near a window as this will cause most of the Qi to go out the window.

During 2019 place a six hollow metal rod windchime
in the Southwest area of your property to counter the Annual Yellow 5 Disaster Star in this Location.

Feng Shui Masters that can see energy recommend using wind chimes with six hollow metal rods because the hollow metal rods absorb excess negative earth Qi in an area. Six rods are used because the number six is the Trigram for metal and represents wealth coming from heaven.


Australian made, hand crafted, precision tuned, six hollow metal rod, Feng Shui Windchimes.
Great for the garden, as a gift or decoration and the most effective cure in existence against
disaster Qi and the most effective activator of prosperity Qi. For more info or to order
please send an email to Available in various colours/colors.




Specifications: Medium Size CONCERTO
Six fluted organ pipes (25 mm diameter)
Hanging length: 880 mm
Weight packed: 1.2 kg
Tuning: Bb Pentatonic
Available pipe colours: Gold,
Champagne, Bronze
Cost: AUD $128.00
Specifications: Large Size CATHEDRAL
Six fluted organ pipes (25 mm diameter)
Hanging length: 1300 mm
Weight packed: 2.0 kg
Tuning: D Major Scale
Available pipe colours: Gold, Champagne
Cost: AUD $188.00
Specifications: Extra Large Size ABBEY
Six fluted organ pipes (40 mm diameter)
Hanging length: 1700 mm
Weight packed: 4.3 kg
Tuning: C Minor Scale
Available pipe colours: Bronze, Champagne
Cost: AUD $288.00